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How does it work?

The Wi-Spy scans and sends all of the RF traffic it captures to a computer where the bundled software Chanalyzer, displays it in a readable format. As soon as you turn on the Wi-Spy 2.4x you'll get a colorful graph giving you a better understanding of your wireless surrounding.

The changes in color represent the radio activity around you. The brighter, red colors show the most traffic.  The darker areas represent clear frequencies for your WiFi access point. It is that easy!

Wi-Spy and its software, Chanalyzer, allow each user to record all of the activity around them. It is very simple, and fun to use!


The Spectral View displays Noise over Time in a very useful waterfall view.


The Topographic View is where Wi-Spy 2.4x and Chanalyzer shine! It aggregates all of the readio activity detected during the analysis session into a single display that shows overall use of the spectrum.


How can Wi-Spy help me?

  • If you install, maintain, or troubleshoot access points, find the open channel and minimize the interference.
  • If you work with consumers, avoid a revisit by keeping a Wi-Spy handy in case they have a microwave, or cordless phones.
  • If you experience WiFi interference on a regular basis, use Chanalyzer and InSSIDer to discover competing access points.

Can I use Wi-Spy with my Macintosh computer?

We are happy to announce Chanalyzer Lite is available on Mac! It doesn't contain all of the features of Chanalyzer 3. Please take a look at the Chanalyzer Comparison Page.

You can also use all the Wi-Spy devices with the third party software Eakiu.

What directional antenna do you recommend?

If you want a reasonable, and inexpensive directional antenna, the Cheif Geek recommends the Cantenna.

What is the range of the Wi-Spy 2.4x?

The Wi-Spy 2.4x can scan from 2300MHz to 2600MHz, however it can only scan 100MHz at a time. You must use the hardware configuration and manually enter the start and stop frequencies in Chanalyzer 3.


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